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Namaste !





Welcome to my website.


My name is Kylie Dang. I offer Energy Healing specifically Physical and Emotional Healing by sharing my gift of seeing, channeling energy and healing abilities. I have healed myself and helped hundreds of people to heal themselves. Being an Energy Healer is my PASSION, and it is a CALL of my SOUL.


You can find my professional bio here and I encourage you to explore my story of how I healed myself and the healing techniques used by me presented in this website because I know it will help you in your healing journey.



I strongly believe in order to get healed, you MUST ACCEPT who you are and be ready to GET HEALED. 



If you see yourself right there, I am sure I can help you and share with you exactly what I did to heal myself, to live a fulfilled life and show you how you can do the same too.




May the Divine Blessings be with you,


What people are saying...

After a session with Kylie, my red eye and shoulder pain went away.
~ Anh K (Software Engineer, Milpitas, CA)

 I no longer feel fatigue and drained ...
~ Jasmin Shih (Sunnyvale, CA)

"My cholesterol level came down from an all time high of 553 to 170. Same with my blood pressure and EKG. Everything is normal. I am fortunate to have met Kylie."
~Angelita Sachdeva (San Mateo, CA)

She is genuinely talented with a compassionate and empathetic heart. Her mission to heal people is admirable

~ Thao My Ho (Santa Clara County, CA)

Kylie is the real deal. My depression leading to my backache. It all makes sense. Within three sessions I can feel the difference. 
~Sonia Gweneth (Palo Alto, CA)

The Most Important Relationship In Your Life Is With Yourself

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