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About our Team...


Our Team


Energy Healer


Life Coach


Meditation Teacher


Vinyasa Yoga


Restorative Yoga

It is a pleasure and blessing for me to be able to do the energy healing work on my clients and witness their recovery process with each session. For me, the best energy healing work, or counseling work is that results in the client being able to stand on their own feet, and you see them healthy and grow not only on health front but also see them making progress on their spiritual path as well. Getting them to a state where they don't need you anymore.

Through my experience on coaching and healing, I have observed that people make a remarkable progress and recover from their physical and emotional issues when they receive help in the other areas of their life too. 


From the first day when I started my healing journey, one of my mission is to be able to connect all light workers and create a platform of all holistic healing services that support each other. This way clients will have access to them all to be able to find the way to their true self and their true home


With all of the blessings from my gurus, I would love to introduce you to my team, they are experts in their area, and passionate about what they do. These include: life coaching, yoga teachers, meditation teacher, therapists, spiritual counselors, nutritionist. I have worked with each one of them personally for a long time in helping my clients based on their needs. I can place my utmost trust on them and on their service since I know they are doing their work with pure heart and intentions.

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