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Upcoming workshops:

Saturday: 10AM - 12 PM PST. 

Dates: September 18th and 25th, October 2nd and 9th, 2021

How to GROUND yourself to have more CONNECTIONS and CLARITY to LIFE so that you can be at ease with yourself and flow with life where you are.
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Session 1, September 18th, 2021: 

- Explore what does it mean to "GROUNDING YOURSELF" - so that you understand your patterns and where you are in the processing of grounding. 

- Learn & practice the unique technique to ground yourself in all levels: physical and energetic level so that you can be able to shift your energy when you are ungrounded. 

Session 2, September 25th, 2021: 

-Learn and explore what energetic defenses will come up when you are grounding and how to work with that so that you can actually see and change it and actually LIVE your LIFE. 

Session 3, October 2nd, 2021: 

- How to connect back with your heart and your higher self when you are stuck in your mental loops so that you have a deep sense of CLARITY and know the next right step you need to take in the midst of the daily emotional/ mental/ triggers storm. 

Learn and practice how to receive guidance from your higher self to have clear self - directions on what you need for yourself right now.

Session 4, October 9th, 2021: 

- Kylie will have a whole session for channeling and receive guidance for the group and will take your questions and answer if you have anything you want to ask for your spiritual guides and angels. 


Bonus: A Private Clarity Healing Session with Kylie at the end of week 4 so that I can answer any private questions, concerns you might have.

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