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Healing Session without the need to visit in-person



How does a session take place?

How to schedule a session?

We are all energy beings and a healer can tune into your Energy Field, making it possible for the healing session to be completed without the need for having to visit the healer or being in the same room. 


Come home to yourself & Every answer you could ever want lives inside of your body.


Kylie Healing offers Energy Healing (body, heart and mind) & transpersonal psychology processing therapy, a whole body healthcare technique.



Healing Session is carried out using Zoom, Facetime, Skype or similar tools based on mutual agreement. My preferred tool are Zoom and Facetime.

Each session is 60 minutes and is divided into two parts.

1. Addressing, and Processing and

ii. Body Work.

During the addressing, processing portion, we will utilize tools such as breath awareness, guided meditation, visualization, self- inquiry, inner child work, alignment with the mind and heart work. Gently guiding you inward to ground yourself, to connect back to your heart, your intuition as it gives you the messages needed to be you and reconnect back to your heart and to create the life you desire most. During that process there is a natural energetic release of emotional, mental and physical stress that opens the door of deeper self- healing and self- discovery creating a profound personal transformation.


During the bodywork of the session, you will lie down on the massage table or at your place where we connect on Zoom, fully clothed. I will place my energetic hands on and over your major and minor energy centers, running energy and working with your physical and energetic bodies, joints, and chakras. You may experience the energy in a number of ways, such as tingling sensations, heart, coolness, gentle spasmodic physical and emotional stress releases and a deep state of relaxation.


Each session will be unique and catered to the individual needs of the client.


Please complete this short questionnaire and you will receive an email with a link to schedule your complimentary clarity session

Still Need Help? If you unable to find a timeslot or would rather speak to me for any special request, please feel free to contact me at (408) 317 8821 or contact me via the website.




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