Restorative Yoga Instructor

Reshmika Lata: Restorative Yoga Instructor


Reshmika Lata has completed her 200 hour Hatha Yoga instructor training at College of San Mateo.  She was inspired by her yoga instructor, Denaya Dailey, to continue her yogic journey through completing the certification.


Reshmika designs her class in such a way that her students are able to reap many benefits and leads them to find the inner teacher. She in cooperates the “ha” from hatha through meditation, intention setting, breath and movement. “tha” through the restorative classes which mostly involves holding poses that are supported by props.


Her restorative classes are also taught with the hot stones which provides much relief to any aches and pains. She believes that both classes are beneficial for everyone, regardless of experience or age. She continues expanding her knowledge about yoga through workshops with teachers such as Peter Guinosso, Jason Crandell, John Rettger and Judith Hanson Lassater.


Reshmika understands that each individual is a unique being and every soul has a purpose in life.