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In-person Healing

Touch less healing Session



What is included

Client Testimonial

My cholesterol level came down from an all time high of 553 to 170. Same with my blood pressure and EKG.


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The Energy healing sessions are touch-less in nature, i.e., the healer does not touch the patient's body but using his or her hands, the healer is able to align, smooth or otherwise correct the incorrect energy flow causing the problem.


Just like any other healing, energy healing may require two or more visits to the healer for continued corrections and healing.



Each healing session, depending on the nature of treatment, may include any or all of the following:


  • General Aura Reading

  • Healing of the problem area by adjusting the direction, energy flow and restructuring of the related chakra

  • Healing of the layers of chakras, strengthening the energy flow, identifying and fixing any depleted areas of energy

  • Block removal and cord cutting

  • Deep relaxation prior to, and immediately after the healing session to ensure that the body is in a relaxed state and maximum benefit from the healing may be obtained

  • Please note that although the in-person healing sessions are usually 45 minutes, it is best to keep a flexible schedule as sometimes you may take longer due to the relaxation techniques

  • The healer may additionally transfer a message of your soul, or whatever your spiritual guides are trying to say to you. These are some suggestions to change and some homework to practice for you to be able to recover and stand on your own.






Your investment for each in-person healing session is $ 175.00 payable at the time of scheduling your healing session. If this is your very first time, the first session is priced at $250.00 (these are longer sessions). Payments are accepted by check, cash or credit card.

You may also be eligible to buy packages (set of 7 or 10) at discounted prices. Packages are offered to a select few based on the treatment plan. 




You can schedule your appointments here. All appointments are subject to cancellation policy and require a 24-hour notice for any re-scheduling or cancellation. 


Additional Note


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Sometimes to help with faster healing, and based on the patient's interest, some additional steps may be recommended such as some specific yoga postures or meditation. These help with aligning the energy flow and flow of universal or divine energy respectively.


Please use this payment link ONLY IF you have already setup your appointment with me over the phone and/or you simply need to make a payment, please use the payment link here. If you need to setup an appointment, please use the self-service scheduer at the end of this page.

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Need Help? If you would like to speak to me for any special request, please feel free to contact me at (408) 317 8821, by email or via the website.


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