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Energy Healing

Touch less, healing from within 



Client Testimonial

My cholesterol level came down from an all time high of 553 to 170. Same with my blood pressure and EKG.

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Everything in this world is made of Energy. Things that you can see and touch, and things that you cannot see but just feel, such as air!

Everything vibrates at their different frequencies. Very few people can discern any difference or see the energy.


In our human body, just as we have a physical body, we also have other bodies, such as Energy Body, Etheric, Mental, Spiritual and Emotional body etc. Think of them as transparent layers on top of, into and across each other.  They are inter-mingled and at the same time separate from each other. They each have their qualities, their own energy source and at the same time, they pass-on energy to each other. Just as food converts into energy to sustain our physical body, our thoughts too have energy that support the emotional body. Because all these layers of bodies within and around our physical body support each other, transfer energy between each other, they can have positive or negative effects on the other bodies.

Whatever we have in our Energy body will eventually manifest itself in the physical body. So any negative thought will eventually show itself off as a physical symptom.

With the above background, you can easily appreciate why you sometimes feel 'low' when in the company of certain people. There may not be anything wrong with them. They just happen to be in a low phase of their lives, full of negativity at that point or vibrating at a different frequency. Their energy bodies make a connection with your energy body - taking in their required support from you, making you feel depleted.

In the same way, when you are full of negativity, anger or hatred for someone, your energy body cannot sustain you for a long time. All the cells in your body are pre-programmed to live in harmony with each other, with other cells, with other beings, and with the cells of all those beings and things. When faced with negative thoughts, they are faced with a tough choice - to go against their pre-programmed objective, or to keep working towards their original goal. Imagine that in a motor car, if you press hard on the accelerator and the brake at the same time, i.e., give it two opposite tasks, either the motor or brakes will fail. In the same way, when overloaded with negative thoughts, the cells in your body will eventually turn against each other and start breaking down, multiplying or decaying. At some point, your thoughts will pass-on the burden to your cells in the physical body and these negative thoughts will manifest themselves as different diseases or symptoms into your physical body.

That's where Energy healing comes in!

Energy healing can be done in-person while you are in the same room with the healer, or remotely, as distant healing. There is no difference in the healing. Eventually it is on the healer and you to work together. While the healer can take care of whatever has happened so far, and help to cut negative cords and energy depletion, you also need to work with the healer to change your life-style and follow suggestions on how to safe-guard yourself from people with negative sources and to control the thoughts from within.

Energy healing usually requires two or more visits to the healer for continued corrections and healing.

You can schedule your appointments here. First choose what kind of Energy Healing you are looking for. I offer both In-person Energy Healing Sessions and Distant Energy Healing Sessions. You will be able to choose the location and pick a date/time for your chosen healing session on those pages. Every month, I set aside a few hours for Giving Back to the Society - to people who really need this, specifically people about to undergo a surgery or just out of it.

All appointments are subject to cancellation policy and require a 24 hour notice for any re-scheduling or cancellation. 

Need Help? If you would like to speak to me for any special request, please feel free to contact me at (408) 317 8821, by email or via the website.


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