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Giving Back

Offering some of my time and services to those scheduled for surgery




Please note



Special Instructions


Starting June 2017, I will set aside a few hours every week to offer for those in need. Please note this service should not be misused by those who can afford it. To start with, I will offer in-person or distant healing to those already in the hospital, or soon to be going in for a major surgery such as heart, tumor removal or cancer treatment etc.



I will offer up to two sessions per patient, these can be used one before the surgery and one afterwards.



There are no guarantees that I will heal them. This service is more for enabling them to be mentally prepared and be their own healers since, during the surgery, the patient needs a lot of self-preparation from within as well as support from their loved ones. Based on my personal experience, I have seen that while the doctors and surgeons can do their job well, the patient, on the other hand, also needs to prepare himself or herself for the upcoming event that they usually have no experience with



Please use the calendar as usual to find a slot that works best.



In case of distant healing, I ask that a family member or friend is present in the room to facilitate the video conference, Skype or Facetime, as the case may be. Please make sure that the patient is wearing a headphone so they can hear me over the usual noise of the hospital. Even if they fall asleep, please leave the headphone in place as I may still be talking to them which will still be registered by their sub-conscious mind.







Still Need Help? If you unable to find a timeslot or would rather speak to me for any special request, please feel free to contact me at (408) 317 8821 or contact me via the website.




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