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What can I expect?

... during the Healing session?

There are two kind of Healing Sessions: Your initial Healing Session and a Regular Healing Session!


In the Initial Healing Session - which is little longer than normal and usually takes places just once, is when I will ask you to fill-in a form, and ask you questions about your health, concern areas and some other questions related to your relationships, daily routine, other practices etc. These questions vary a lot based on what I observe about you but they help me get a better feel of the cause of your ailments.


Sometimes you may also feel as if you are talking to a therapist, and if so, that is because of me trying to get more accurate information about your condition and suggesting ways that you can employ to heal yourself . Almost all of our ailments are caused by situations that we are in, and how we react to them, energies around us, and how we attract them or react to them etc. And so it should come as no surprise that we have the power to heal ourselves simply by our thoughts and attracting the right energy. 


During a routine healing session, depending on your condition and concern areas, there may be cleansing of seven layers of your aura, chakras and deep cleansing of organs, removal of unhealthy cords and connections, aura strengthning, chakra restructure, energy augmentation and other techniques as needed.


Most people can feel the movement of energy - some more than the others. Even if you don't feel it, rest assured, the energy healing is still working.


It is suggested that you wear loose and comfortable clothes for your healing session.


In case of a ditsant healing, I suggest that you take a shower before the healing session, and either stay in bed or sit in a comfortable chair during the entire session. For effective healing, please stay away from any form of electronic gadgets during the entire healing session, including television, phones, ipad etc. 





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