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Energy Healing

What is Energy Healing?

How does it work
Spiritual Counseling
Importance of Trust
Lifestyle changes
Stick to the process
What is mind?
What is Aura?
What are chakras?
Feedback helps
Joint Responsibility
Helpful advise
Legal Status in the US

Energy Healing Practitioners are not physicians or surgeons and these Healing sessions are not licensed by the state.


Please remember that licenses are given only for Western Medicines. Energy Healing is neither covered not covered in any Western University because there are no measurable methods or devices that can accurately measure the human energy field and record the results of the healing on such field. Energy healing, however, has been in existence for centuries in the East and is practiced in many forms and by many names.

The services and energy healing services are complementary to other treatments, if any. Energy Healers can not offer any medical advice and therefore the client is advised not to stop any conventional treatment or alter the medication when starting these healings.

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