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My Healing Journey

Continuing on my self-healing journey, I got introduced to Energy Healing as I happened to attend an introductory workshop, then taking professional training classes. Later on with so many great teachers Master Stephen Co, Chandan Parameswara... I have also had the honor to learn a wealth of healing techniques from my Zen Master Thich Tri  Sieu. Every day, I did healing on myself and also never missed a single day of practicing YOGA and Meditation.
I improved my physical health, became vegetarian, changed my thought process, took care of my emotional well-being. In the past four years I have not had any health issues. Not even a simple cold or cough. While I remember when I had just arrived in the US, during the first winter my friends had to call 911 just because I could not manage the cold of California. So I can see the huge difference in myself and in those that I helped.  Emotionally I am in a much better spot, probably the best I have ever been.
I am content with who I am right now and what I am doing right and where I am right now.
After my self-discovery, self-healing,  I no longer say "I want happiness, I want joy, I want peace". It means I no longer run away from myself, to grab things from the outside to fulfill the home inside. Now I am saying "I am happy, I am joyful, I am peaceful"
With the simple understanding I remind myself that I have many good seeds within me and I am cultivating all those good seeds. I am not saying that at this point I am free of all problems. Yes, there are times when some things will come up, and at time I may be a little shaky inside. I have thoughts that trigger my fear or anger and situations that unbalance me but because of my practice they are not a challenge anymore. 
It is not that I have found a solution for every problem. It is about the way of looking at the things that has changed in me. The time for me to recover from any situation is much shorter now and I pass through them with calmness in my heart and mind.



Like I said, in search of this 'different approach', I tried Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness practice Buddhism, Spiritual teachings and Energy Healing. And then I realized that I was able to see energy. It was like discovering something about myself that I did not know before.  

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