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My Healing Journey

It started small and as I started trusting myself I was able to see energy fields around more things. I started to see air energy, energy fields of people, 7 layers of aura, I also can see the blockages, the thought forms, and also internal organs of physical body. Step by step I have been practicing to heal people in my family and my friends... One of the amazing things of being able to see energy in the human form and within and around organs is that it has helped my clients get healed faster and faster. 
Later on I could tune in and get information from the energy fields and blockages, cords around human body. I realized that if I have this gift of being able to see energy and channel it then there must be a reason. And Universe must want me to share it with others and help them just as it has helped me. 

Even in my dreams, I never thought I will be a healer.
Today as I look back and ask myself how was I able to discover this is my calling, I believe all of us are here for a reason - we have a purpose. I remember much earlier in my life when I used to work at the corporate company, I always used to ask myself this question: "What is the thing I really want to do in my life?" I kept searching and didn't settle down until I found my answer later on.
I came across energy healing, and there are a few things that happened that told me this was my calling .
There was a time when I was doing my MBA and as part of it, I was supposed to submit my project. It was due, well, it was kind of getting overdue and even at that point I was more busy with energy healing than trying to complete my project.
Then I remember a time when  I was supposed to go for a voluntary healing. I was not going to get paid for it, but just go to a temple and heal a few people. I remember it was a winter evening, and just a few hundred yards before I reached there, my car overheated and steam started coming out. I was alone. I remember I did not bother about the smoke or what is going to happen to me after the healing session was over. I somehow drove my car into the temple and parked it. And when I entered the healing session, I completely forgot about the car because my clients were the most important that time. 
These are just a couple of examples. There are many more incidents that made me realize that this is not just a passing interest. It is a call of the soul.

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